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Misty Gates Hot Ass Schoolgirl With Candy Feet

misty gates ass

I sort of had to look twice at this new set from Misty Gates because, well, I was blinded by her sexy ass, her sexy schoolgirl uniform, and her sexy smile – and the candy on her feet. Yeah, candy on her feet, you know the powdered candy stuff like lik-a-maid you use to get as a kid? Well, she’s got it on her feet and she’s licking it off all by herself, talk about flexible. All that while wearing a tiny little schoolgirl uniform and one heck of a sexy pair of panties. This girl is awesome! You gotta love a girl who can lick her own feet, thing of the possibilities with a girl this flexible and sexy!

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Meet Madden Naughty Schoolgirl Stripper

Schoolgirl Uniforms are pretty darn sexy in general, and they come in many varieties. You get the traditional long white socks, white shirt and plaid skirt, or the Japanese Sailor Suit (hello Sailor Moon!) type deal. But there is a third, much more sexy category of schoolgirl garb, and that is the slutty stripper schoolgirl outfit. Well, Madden from Meet Madden is here with a fresh new set from her personal site, and yes, it’s slutty stripper schoolgirl fantasy time. I don’t think somehow that a red bra and a black mesh top would pass any school inspections, but it certainly passes my “causes a boner” test. Nice stuff! Madden is certainly a sexy girl who knows a thing or two about teasing us and driving us wild, and this sexy outfit does it for me!

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Ivy Snow Sexy Schoolgirl In Fishnets

Ivy Snow is one sexy girl, especially if you like girls with a fair bit of ink. She’s really into having fun and playing games, and this time she combines her love of dressup and her love to pool in one hot set. She’s in her sexy schoolgirl uniform, including some massive high heels and fishnet stockings. Fuck me, where was she when I was in school? That outfit would have given every male teacher in school a boner for a month. She ends up stripping down to show it all off, she is so sexy in her bra and panties too… not to mention when she takes them off too!

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Rachel Tease Is a Naughty Schoolgirl

I sometimes think that sexy schoolgirl uniforms are possibly the naughtiest things on the planet. They certain have made more than a few guys have neughty thoughts. Rachel Tease knows that, and she is driving us wild with her sexy schoolgirl uniform in this new set from her sexy site. Talk about tasty, Rachel Tease has a great ass and it just pushes that skirt out even more, and of course, she isn’t shy to take it all off and let us get a peek. Sweet!

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Savannah is a Sexy Schoolgirl

Sexy coed Savannah is back with more stuff over at Spunky Angels, and I damn, I am loving her little schoolgirl uniform. That skirt is so short, it is almost obscene! Damn, I want to go to her school! Oh yeah, she forgot something important… her panties! Naughty girl will almost certainly be giving the teachers major wood is she goes to class like this. Savannah is all natural and very sexy, with nice smaller tits and a perfectly shaved pussy that looks like it has never had a hair on it in it’s life, so smooth and tasty. She teases us like crazy, but in the end, she gives us everything and a little more!

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Misty Gates in the Girls Locker Room

Misty Gates is getting into trouble again! This time she is in the girls locker room changing out of her schoolgirl uniform, and getting into, well, nothing. That’s right, she ends up totally naked and looking sexy. Misty Gates look sexy dressed as a schoolgirl, that is for sure, and she looks even hotter with her firm tits poking out and that cute smile. She looks almost innocent! Well, not too innocent I guess. Her body is truly the work of the devil, so sexy and curvy, and nicely shaved too. When she pulls up the back of the uniform to show off her sexy ass cheeks, well… help me!

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Private School Jewel

I have to say I always enjoy when a girl opens a new personal site, and this time out we get to meet sexy Private School Jewel. If you think you have seen her before, you are probably right. Seems this sexy American girl put up a few sets on one of the European modeling sites, and she ended up being one of the most popular girls they ever had. With a hot body like hers, who can resist? Jewel has a great combination of sweet girl next door looks and a smoking little body that screams sexuality. She has small tits, but they are very ripe and tasty, and she has a very nice round butt, and a shaved pussy that is perfect for eating out – often! She is into sexy dress up games and she does some really hot play with other girls too. A totally sexy schoolgirl, that is for sure!

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Viki Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform

Some girls just have a knack for rocking a schoolgirl uniform. Viki from the Czech Republic is one of those girls, a total stunner who looks hot as hell fully nude, but looks even more insanely hot in this stunning presentation of a schoolgirl uniform. This is just sexy as hell, Viki is long, lean, and yet curvy, with yummy b cup titties and a sexy pair of legs that don’t quit. Her schoolgirl uniform is hot, and her matching white bra and panties are there for you naughty boys who are trying to peep up her skirt and down her blouse. Don’t worry, I am right there with you!

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Cierra Spice Sexy Upskirt with No Panties

I am a huge fan of upskirt shots, I think they are one of the most sexy things that a girl can do next to getting naked and jumping on me, and Cierra Spice certainly pulls of a classic upskirt shot here. She is dressed up in a sexy schoolgirl uniform, with her hot latina ass out there for all to see because the skirt is pretty damn shot. Then she sort of bends over a bit and turns towards us, and you realize that this naughty chica has lost her panties too! Can you imagine her doing this to you at the shopping mall or something? You would have a hard-on that would probably damage your pants. She certainly knows how to drive us crazy, that is for sure!

Isabella Busting Out Schoolgirl

Nothing like a schoolgirl uniform to up the sexy factor on any girl. With busty latina Isabella, the uniform is just a great way to tease us with her big boobies and her cute smile. I found her over at La Zona Modelos, which has hot girls from all over the place especially latinas getting naked and teasing us like crazy. Isabella looks stunning in this schoolgirl uniform, but I have a feeling it isn’t entirely up to regulation. I don’t really mind, because with her big firm boobs popping out, I don’t think anyone would want her to change. She gets out a vibrator too, so you know this sexy girl is into some serious teasing!

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