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Private School Jewel Sexy Ass

private school jewel ass

Private School Jewel is one of those girls who looks sort of innocent, but has a body that can drive you wild. This new set from her sexy personal site has her dressed up in some sexy lingerie, and what I liked the most was how well it shows off her sexy ass. Private School Jewel has a full butt, not a tiny one, and she shows it off proudly too. She looks awesome from the back, her sweet smile sort of a contradiction with her sexy natural body and full, sexy ass cheeks. She loves to know you are looking, and loves to dress up and play games to show off her incredibly sexy body. She ends up fully nude and masturbating, showing off for you turns her on!

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Private School Jewel Natural and Sexy

private school jewel

Some girls are just perfect for getting naked in the outdoors, and Private School Jewel is one of those sexy girls. This Midwest girl is sort of farm fresh and ready for fun, she loves to show off especially if she can do it under the sun. This set from her summer adventures has her in a sexy yellow dress sort of thing, and soon enough the clothes are coming off and her sexy body is in view. Private School Jewel’s firm tits are amazing, big enough to play with and perky as they come, she is very proud of her sexy body and not at all shy. She ends up fully naked, with her nearly hairless pussy coming into view and driving us all wild. She gives us a nice view from all angles too, you won’t miss an inch of this sexy girl!

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Private School Jewel Sunshine Blond

private school jewel

It’s getting near Christmas, and pretty much everyone up north is shivering under the cold, the snow, and the well it’s easy to get a little down. So Private School Jewel sent along this sunshine shot to cheer you all up, and I have to say this girl is looking so sexy! A nice sunshine day, summer really, with her tiny shirt and sexy panties, she’s a summer time dream. She’s not shy either, and by the end of this set, Private School Jewel is totally nude and very sexy indeed! This girl has an amazing sexy natural body and a great overall look, and she loves to show off in these intimate, sexy ways. She’s a really good way to warm up your cold winter nights!

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Private School Jewel In The Night Garden

in the night garden

Sexy Private School Jewel is back with more fun on her sexy personal site, including some nice video updates and this new set called In The Night Garden. This is sexy amateur Jewel at her very sweet best, a nice natural sort of setting, and a cute outfit that she manages to turn into something sexy mostly by getting rid of it. This girl has an amazing body and a sweet sexuality that is hard to resist. She loves to show off, you can tell from the look in her eyes that she gets so turned on showing off outdoors, maybe she will get caught by the neighbors or something. She loves to know you are watching, and loves to turn you on!

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Private School Jewel Baby Oil Play

Private School Jewel continues to drive us wild with her sexy body and her love of playing around for the camera. This time out she’s in the bathroom putting some baby oil on her skin to keep it soft, and well, she just sort of keeps going. I love the idea of drops of oil on her shirt to turn it into a baby oil wet t-shirt deal, she looks so hot. Nice looks at her barely panty covered pussy too, this girl loves to show it all off and lets you get really close up. She’s tasty!

Private School Jewel Sexy Skinny Dipping

Here’s one of those sets that plays to my real life fantasies. Sexy Private School Jewel is a girl I really love, from her sexy tiny tits and cute smile to her wonderful natural round ass, she’s hard to resist. This time she’s outdoors in her bikini, and when that isn’t naked enough, she takes it all off and turns this into a sexy, horny, and very hot skinny dipping adventure. Damn, she looks so hot, totally naked and sexy as they come. She would be perfect at my next pool party, what do you think?

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Private School Jewel has a Berry Happy Morning

My day is always made when I get an email from Private School Jewel with her latest hot pictures from her sexy personal site. This hot Canadian midwest girl loves to show off and play, and this time out, she is showing way a berry good morning looks like. She’s up early and dressed to head into town, but first it’s time for a little snack – strawberries. Damn, she does some things to those strawberries that make me jealous. She’s enjoying herself and slowing taking it all off so we can feast too… on her sexy body! This girl has got probably some of the most perfect small tits around, very sexy indeed!

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Private School Jewel Naughty Farm Girl

Private School Jewel is back with another cute and sexy set. This time she is on the farm near her home, playing on the tractor. When I say playing, I mean “getting naked”, and Jewel seems really good at doing that. Talk about a sexy body, I love her small tits and pointy little nipples, and I am really loving her nice lush ass in this shot too. Don’t you want to just run up behind her and give that sexy ass a swat? Damn! She ends up on the tractor giving us some amazing views, and making it clear she wants us to plow her field!

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Private School Jewel So Sexy

I have fantasies about finding Private School Jewel in my kitchen in the morning, half naked and wanting to share a glass of orange juice with me. Damn, that would be a good morning, because this girl is all natural and all hot! Jewel is a midwestern girl with that sort of sexy cornfed look, and she is one of the rare amateur hotties who looks hot dressed, hot naked, and hot at ever step in between. I love the way her firm boobs are sort of hiding but popping out in this set, very hot! She loves to do live cam shows for her members too, she’s a cutie that loves to meet new people online!

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Private School Jewel Sexy Yellow Sun Dress

The only thing more sexy than Private School Jewel in a tiny yellow sun dress is finding out that she isn’t wearing any panties! That’s right, this sexy new set from Private School Jewel has her getting naked outdoors (she loves to do that) and proving that she doesn’t need panties to be a happy girl. As always, she is sexy, hot, and natural, and totally the sort of girl you just want to take out to the barn for a little roll in the hay!

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