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Misty Gates Topless Workout

misty gates topless workout

Misty Gates is one hell of a sexy girl, and she works hard to keep herself looking hot. This set show off how she likes to workout, and that includes a wonderful topless circuit that will get your heart rate moving a bit, even if you aren’t working out yourself. Misty Gates has an amazing tight ass and great thighs, and she even gives us a sneaky peak at her pussy and incredibly tight little butt hole, this girl is totally into drive us wild!

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Misty Gates Gets Naked at Sunset

misty gates naked

I personally think Misty Gates is one of the most underrated solo girls around. I don’t see as much talk about her and I don’t see her stuff getting used by dating sites, but damn, this girl is smoking hot and very sexy – and more than willing to drive us wild with her hot body. I love her safe side / dangerous site with the tattoo sleeve on one side, and the totally innocent look on the other, sort of sums her up nicely. I really like this set with her getting naked near sunset, she looks like a tasty treat that you just want to take indoors and enjoy for while!

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Misty Gates Hot Ass Schoolgirl With Candy Feet

misty gates ass

I sort of had to look twice at this new set from Misty Gates because, well, I was blinded by her sexy ass, her sexy schoolgirl uniform, and her sexy smile – and the candy on her feet. Yeah, candy on her feet, you know the powdered candy stuff like lik-a-maid you use to get as a kid? Well, she’s got it on her feet and she’s licking it off all by herself, talk about flexible. All that while wearing a tiny little schoolgirl uniform and one heck of a sexy pair of panties. This girl is awesome! You gotta love a girl who can lick her own feet, thing of the possibilities with a girl this flexible and sexy!

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Misty Gates Creamy Bikini

misty gates creamy bikini

Misty Gates is back with more sexy silly stuff,this time out she’s showing us the type of bikini you really shouldn’t wear to the beach: A creamy bikini. It’s sort of fun, she has made a nice two piece bathing suit out of nothing but whip cream, and she looks hot… and then she gets to spreading the cream around, and she looks even hotter and makes me feel like I just want to start licking that cream off her hard nipples. Misty Gates looks amazing in this set, I think she is maturing slightly and actually she looks even hotter and way more confident in her totally sexy body. This is one girl you won’t want to miss!

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Misty Gates Loves Comics

misty gates topless

Misty Gates is one cute girl with an amazing natural body and some nice tasteful tats. She’s also a bit of a geek at times, and her inner geek comes out in this set from her official site. Seems she loves comics, and apparently she LOVES comics, if you know what I mean. She’s got some classic books on her bed, and she’s also feeling frisky, so she ends up stripping down to give us quite the action show, if you know what I mean. This girl is quite the naughty hotty in the end, but also a lot of fun. She loves to laugh, she loves to have a good time, she loves to read her comics, and yes, she loves to rub her pussy and cum hard. nice!

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Misty Gates Works It Out Naked

misty gates

Sexy Misty Gates is back with another naughty adventure. This time she is off to the gym for a little workout, a little yoga, and a little stretching. But see, Misty Gates isn’t like other girls, she wants to do things right – and by right I mean naked! So this workout session starts with a very nice strip down, where Misty proves that she really doesn’t need to work out, because her body is so damn fine already! By the time she is naked, she is working on her stretching and flexibility, and she manages to get in more than one position that might be a lot of fun to try. I love this girl’s sexy smile and that she is willing to try anything for fun!

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Misty Gates Wet and Sexy

Misty Gates is one of my personal faves because she is both sexy and a little kooky, a girl who loves to play a joke as much as she loves to show off her sexy body. Oh yeah, she loves to show off her sexy body, that is for sure! This net set has her playing around in a small, small top, using a bottle of water to turn it into sort of a micro wet t-shirt contest of her own. Damn, this girl is hot! Her boobs are perfect, smaller handfuls capped with nipples made for the nibbling! If you want a real challenge, see if you can find what else besides her ears are pierced. It’s worth the effort!

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Misty Gates Sexy Little Bikini

While the title of this post would suggest that this set is about Misty Gates in a sexy little bikini, I have to admit that she is pretty good at getting rid of her clothes! Misty Gates loves to get naked, it seems, and she isn’t shy to show off her very sexy body. I love this shot in the bikini, her sexy body almost exposed, her hard nipples popping out hard and ready for a little suction. Can you imagine finding her changing in your bathroom? Wow! Now that would be a Christmas present to remember!

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Misty Gates in the Girls Locker Room

Misty Gates is getting into trouble again! This time she is in the girls locker room changing out of her schoolgirl uniform, and getting into, well, nothing. That’s right, she ends up totally naked and looking sexy. Misty Gates look sexy dressed as a schoolgirl, that is for sure, and she looks even hotter with her firm tits poking out and that cute smile. She looks almost innocent! Well, not too innocent I guess. Her body is truly the work of the devil, so sexy and curvy, and nicely shaved too. When she pulls up the back of the uniform to show off her sexy ass cheeks, well… help me!

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Misty Gates Bikini And Baby Oil

Misty Gates is back with another wild sexy set, and I have to say she is looking just amazing. This tiny silver bikini leaves very little to the imagination, and when a girl has as hot a body as Misty Gates, well, who needs too much imagination? This set gets pretty wild too, as Misty ends up absolutely coated in baby oil (maybe she heard about that oil spill in the gulf), and she is slippery and ready for some fun. Add in a pretty big spiky vibrator, and she goes to town on her well oiled body and pretty shaved pussy. Damn, this girl is hot! Can you imagine sliding around on the table with her for while? Hotness!

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