Category: wet t-shirts

Oh So Sexy Diddylicious

Oh yeah! That is the first thing I thought of when I saw this new set from Diddylicious. Not only is Diddy getting more brave in showing off her sexy, improved body, but also her look is getting hotter by the day. So in order to cool down, this set goes from sexy link this shot to soaking wet, as she gets her body turned into a sort of wet t-shirt content… without any panties! Naughty Diddylicious seems to like having the water banging against her clit. Hmmm!

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Misty Gates Wet and Sexy

Misty Gates is one of my personal faves because she is both sexy and a little kooky, a girl who loves to play a joke as much as she loves to show off her sexy body. Oh yeah, she loves to show off her sexy body, that is for sure! This net set has her playing around in a small, small top, using a bottle of water to turn it into sort of a micro wet t-shirt contest of her own. Damn, this girl is hot! Her boobs are perfect, smaller handfuls capped with nipples made for the nibbling! If you want a real challenge, see if you can find what else besides her ears are pierced. It’s worth the effort!

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Sexy Hailey Wet T-Shirt Play

Okay, this isn’t really a t-shirt, more like a tank top, but the idea of a hot girl in a wet white t-shirt is pretty much a classic sexy thing for me. Hailey from Hailey’s Hideaway is such a cutie, sexy and yet girl next door, with some really nice boobs. She looks great in the top to start with, her nipples poking through nicely and giving us a show. Add some water (I think it is raining) and the fun really starts. This is a key indication of a girl who is really hot too, as Hailey looks just as sexy soaking wet as she does all done up and perfect, proof that it isn’t hair or whatever that makes her sexy, she is just fucking sexy! Her shirt ends up very wet, giving us some really nice looks at her bigger boobs and very tasty looking nipples. This girl is fun! Oh yeah, she does live cam shows on her site too, and you never know what happens when a hot girl gets on cam!

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Sexy Terka Washes a Hot Car

Now this is a classic sexy combination: A hot girl and a hot car. An even better combination is a white t-shirt and water, so when sexy Terka is washing this hot car, the t-shirt gets wet and we get to enjoy the view. What a sexy babe, that is for sure. Oh yeah, don’t worry, that t-shirt doesn’t last long, soon enough this babe is working in her tiny g-string and playing with the suds, and giving us some sexy hot car hot babe fantasies that will make spring so much more enjoyable!

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