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Savannah is a Sexy Schoolgirl

Sexy coed Savannah is back with more stuff over at Spunky Angels, and I damn, I am loving her little schoolgirl uniform. That skirt is so short, it is almost obscene! Damn, I want to go to her school! Oh yeah, she forgot something important… her panties! Naughty girl will almost certainly be giving the teachers major wood is she goes to class like this. Savannah is all natural and very sexy, with nice smaller tits and a perfectly shaved pussy that looks like it has never had a hair on it in it’s life, so smooth and tasty. She teases us like crazy, but in the end, she gives us everything and a little more!

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Sexy Savannah is a Spunky Angel

Spunky Angels has really been cranking it up the last little while with a whole slate of new girls coming on board. Savannah is their latest newbie, a first time nude girl who is absolutely sexy and cute, in that sort of down home, fresh off the farm sort of way. This cute little blond is, well, still working that baby fat thing a bit, but it’s all good because she just looks so hot like that. She looks so cute in the top and jean shorts, just like plenty of other girls you see around town. But when she starts stripping down, we get to check out her very sexy tiny tits and nicely rounded little teen ass. Damn, this girl is cute! Wait, I already said that. Whatever, cute and sexy together is always a damn good thing!

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