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Stephy Is a Naughty Hotty

stephy party all star

Party All Star has been a great starting point for a number of sexy solo girls, and when they add a new girl, she’s always a hotty. This time out they have added a cutie names Stephy, and she is a naughty hotty who loves to tease and get naked too! This set has her showing off out the window and through the open front door of her house, giving her neighbors and eyeful of her incredibly hot body. This girl is smoking hot with nice full breasts and the type of hips you love to hang onto as you fuck her doggy style! She’s full nude with a nicely shaved pussy and a small landing strip so you don’t get lost, and a smile that says she’s going to get even more naughty with us soon!

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Newbie Little Cookie is Hot and Playful

little cookie

Here is yet another sexy new sologirl for us to enjoy. Cutie Little Cookie is a sort of mystery girl, she doesn’t say much about herself on her website, suggesting that a little mystery is a good thing, I agree, but I can tell you that this girl appears to be maybe a natural redhead, with a really nice round ass and a some very pretty little titties. She’s got a great smile too, a girl who seems totally happy with the idea of getting naked for the camera, and she seems to get turned on very easy! Her pussy is trimmed but not bald, and her skin is that wonderful for of super soft very light skin you get with sexy redheads. She’s certainly playful, and her new site already has a pile of hot pics and videos for you to check out – and then some. She’s ready to play, would you want to eat a Little Cookie?

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Catie Minx Beautiful Small Breasts

catie minx small breasts

I was a little surprised to find out that I have never had sexy cat lover Catie Minx on this site. My bad, because this girl is cute, sexy, and more than willing to get it all off – and she’s a real nerd too! She loves cats and loves to dress up like a cat too, that is a bit odd but very cute. She’s a student working on her associate degree in science of nursing, and she loves to geek out wearing costumes, ear muffs, and all sorts of neat stuff. She also loves to get naked, good for us because her firm small tits are amazing, her ass so sexy, and her look overall just stunning. This girl loves to play with you like a cat playing with a ball of yarn… want to have some fun?

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Private School Jewel Sexy Prairie Ass

You could sub-title this one as Sexy Ass on the Prairie, I guess. Private School Jewel is back with more hot stuff from her personal site, and I have to say, well, wow. Every time I see this girl getting naked I want to see more, there is something so alluring about her. Jewel is a true midwestern girl, and as you can see from the picture, the prairie is flat, flat, flat, and her ass is curvy, curvy, curvy. She has really tasty natural curves, and a sweet smile that lets you know that she is still a little innocent. I bet you there are a whole lot of happy prairie dogs checking her out in this pic!

Check out more of Private School Jewel on her personal site, download her videos and pics here!

Tania Spice Is Ready For Some Football

Well, it’s the start of the 2010-2011 NFL season, the chase to the big game, Superbowl XLV (Superbowl 45) in Texas. Tania Spice is ready, giving us this very sexy football themed set to start the new season. I have to say, when I see her like this, I feel that I really want to tackle her and play in her backfield for a while, perhaps send something up the seem and see if I can go all the way. Wow, that was a whole bunch of naughty right there! Let’s just say that Tania isn’t waiting for the Superbowl to have a little celebration, and she ends up not scoring a touchdown, but rather a nice orgasms with her favorite toy. High five!

Sexy Bailey Knox has a Nice Ass

It’s been a really good past few weeks for new girls, fresh hotties, newbies getting naked, whatever you want to call it. Bailey Knox, aka Bailey Party All Star, has been one of the most popular new girls I have added to this blog, and one look at this picture can tell you why. This girl is a hotty, top to bottom, and what a bottom! Nice ass girl! She is a real teaser, but when you have such great looks and a hot body, you can easily get away with being a bit of a flirt. She does live cam shows for her members every week, and updates her site with fresh stuff regularly. This girl gets into some seriously sexy situations! When Bailey Knox goes doggy style posing, I sort of know what I would love to do. What about you?

Check out more of Bailey Knox here, and check out her live cam shows!

Sexy Bikini Cheesecake Shots From Gigi Spice

Gigi Spice is one sexy latina girl, that is for sure, and she sure knows how to tease us like crazy. I love her new bikini (yes, those are skulls on her bikini!), and I love how she looks in it (and out of it!). Best of all for me is this shot, a true sort of amateur cheesecake shot, the little innocent look over the shoulders, all the while her sexy latina ass is pretty much out there for us to enjoy. Sexy indeed. As always, Gigi doesn’t just tease, and soon enough this sexy girl is showing us all of her charms and giving herself some pleasure too, making for a good day for all of us!

Taylor Lain Sexy Blue Shorts

Sexy Taylor Lain is such a cutie, she always comes up with some way to get my attention. This time she is in these little blue shorts that are absolutely catching my eye, because they make her round ass look so tasty. Plus I have to say I am a sucker for her sweet innocent look, it’s sort of impressive to see a girl who is topless with her tasty tits out, her ass barely covered by tiny blue shorts, and yet she manages to look innocent. I have a feeling that she isn’t so innocent in the end, it’s just a great tease that is working out fine for me!

Sexy Newcomer Natalia Spice

I think it is fun to spot a new girl who is going to do really well and keep giving us sexy scenes, and the latest girl I found like this is Natalia Spice. Now, she doesn’t have a website yet, but I found her on La Zona Modelos, and it looks like Pacino is working on her site now. She will join sexy latinas like Gigi Spice, Karla Spice, and Cierra Spice driving us wild with their sexy games and hot latina cuves. Natalia is a pretty sexy looking girl, with some nice big titties and a hot latina ass that just doesn’t seem to quit. If this sexy first time shoot is any indication, I am going to enjoy seeing this sexy girl for a long time to come.

Sexy Newcomer Carlotta Champagne

You want your girls fresh off the press? You want them new, undiscovered, unknown? Well, I think I have a find here, sexy newcomer Carlotta Champagne. I haven’t seen any announcement of her site or anything yet, I ran across a couple of galleries that I hadn’t seen before, and sure enough, they are new today. I don’t know too much about Carlotta Champagne, except that she is curvy as hell with a nice sexy ass and some serious boobies. She seems to smile a lot too, and she thinks “nude is cool”. Her personal site is rather hot, and includes some hot live cams shows and other hot stuff. You have to go check out her interesting facts video on her site, it’s the only info I could find about her and it’s pretty funny. Her boobs apparently have their own gravity!

Nutty, sexy, and naked, that’s how I like my girls – check out Carlotta Champagne here and see more!

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