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Meet Sexy Ass Newcomer Pookie


Party All Star has done it again, they have found another new, fresh, and totally sexy girl to add to their site, and Pookie is just so fucking hot. This girl is really special, sort of exotic looking with an amazing curvy body, nice full breasts, and her ass is absolutely first class – you will want to be checking out this girls amazing tail! She’s curvy in all the right places with a smile that is half innocent and half ready to party, and she loves to tease and play. There are multiple sets of her on Party All Star, including a wild all girl hot tub party that gets everyone pretty damn naked!

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Stephy Is a Naughty Hotty

stephy party all star

Party All Star has been a great starting point for a number of sexy solo girls, and when they add a new girl, she’s always a hotty. This time out they have added a cutie names Stephy, and she is a naughty hotty who loves to tease and get naked too! This set has her showing off out the window and through the open front door of her house, giving her neighbors and eyeful of her incredibly hot body. This girl is smoking hot with nice full breasts and the type of hips you love to hang onto as you fuck her doggy style! She’s full nude with a nicely shaved pussy and a small landing strip so you don’t get lost, and a smile that says she’s going to get even more naughty with us soon!

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Party All Star Kandi Sexy Beach Babe

party all star kandi

On the coldest days of the northern winter, it’s always nice to see a hot girl in bikini to make you warm up a bit. Kandi from Party All Star won’t make you just a little warm, this hotty will make you steam. Her bikini is very tiny indeed, and she loves to tease the camera with her hot body. She’s playing with a football and most of us would love to huddle up with this hot girl. She finally gives in and gives you what you want, the complete zipset of this scene is incredibly hot, this girl has a rocking body and outdoor nudity is always so hot and sexy!

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Sexy Brandi Gets Naked @ Party All Star

brandi party all star

Party All Star is having a neat new contest. They are recruiting new girls for the site, and they are letting their fans and members vote to see which one gets naked next. Well, Brandi was in the top 3, and that’s a good thing because this girl is hot and looks great dressed up and totally naked too. She gives us some great teasing views in her loose shirt and panties, and you can tell already that she has a nice natural body. Then this girl bends over to show off her sexy ass and barely covered pussy from behind, a very sexy shot. Finally, all the clothes come off and you get to see this sexy girl in all of her natural beauty. She’s got a great body, and you can tell she is getting very turned on showing off for the camera for the first time!

Check out Brandi’s full debut set at Party All Star here!

Sexy Sidney @ Party All Star

Party All Star has been a pretty reliable source for hot new teasers, with some of the girls going on to have their own sites because they are too hot and too popular. The latest girl to join the fray is sexy Sidney. I don’t know a whole lot about her, except she is hot, hot, hot, with killer abs, nice tits, and an ass that can stop most guys in their tracks. This girl is a pure teaser from what I can tell, but what a tease. This girl will drive you wild with her sexy body and near nudity!

See more of sexy Sidney at Party All Star here!

Sexy Redhead Avery In a Bikini

Party All Star continues to be one great place if you like hotty girls who love to tease. Avery is one of their hot girls, a naughty redhead with a nice set of curves and a sexy look overall. She is in a tiny, tiny bikini, and wow, those rather large boobs are sort of catching my eye. Anyone living near that lake is certainly got their binoculars out for a look at this girl! She teases and strips and teases some more, certainly making for a hot and sexy day!

Check out more of Avery at Party All Star here!

Sexy Asian Christine @ Party All Star

The crew over at Party All Star sent me a link to their latest girl, and damn, she is a sexy one! Christine is a sweet looking asian with some slightly augmented looking boobs and a great overall look, a really hot look and she loves to tease, just the way we like it. She is a real stunner, 26 years old and she loves cranberry vodka to drink, in case you run into her in public. It’s her first online adventure, and she is still doing the teasing stuff, but damn, with a body like that, she can tease me all day long!

See more of Christine and all the other girls at Party All Star here!

Sexy Blond Shayla Rocks a Very Small Bikini

This set from Party All Star featuring Shayla might go down as the tiniest bikini I have ever seen. She must have been shopping in the kids section, because this blue bikini is tiny! Shayla, on the other hand, is gifted with enough sweet sexy ass and full breasts to make us all drool. Think of this as sort of an end of labor day, last day at the beach sort of way to enjoy your Monday off. Enjoy!

Check out more of Sexy Shayla and other hotties at Party All Star here!

Sexy Charlie is a Party All Star

Sexy Charlie is a 21 year old with a bit of an attitude and a hell of a body. I love those firm titties, so nice! I found her at the new amateur mega-site Party All Stars, and she is looking hot a teasing like crazy. She is from Oregon, and she loves to drive guys crazy with her wild curves. This set has her getting ready to get a bit a tan (it’s hard to keep tan in the winter in the snow!). her tiny bikini doesn’t last long, and soon she is teasing us with some sexy views of her naked body. Nicely trimmed pussy hair, but still a bush in case you get lost on the way down there. She knows how to drive us wild, that is for sure!

See more of Charlie at Party All Stars, check her out here!

Naughty Bailey Sexy Teasing Nudes

Okay, I admit it, I am a sucker for this girls eyes. Naughty Bailey from Party All Stars is just so frigging hot, I can’t resist her, and those eyes are driving me wild. This girl is a natural born teaser too, really into almost showing off and yet still teasing us some more. I think I see her nipples trying to get loose in this set, I am sure she is ready to get totally naked. It’s okay though, because a sexy tease is always fun. Bailey certainly looks sexy in her little jean shorts, and looks hot without them too! She ends up fully nude, do you think we are going to see it all?

Check out more of Bailey at Party All Stars and find out!