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Stunning and Sexy Carlotta Champagne

carlotta champagne tits

I am always a happy man when I find new sets featuring sexy Carlotta Champagne. This girl is just smoking hot! Carlotta Champagne has the classic hour glass body to the max, with a great face, nice full breasts, a small waist, and an insanely sexy full and curvy ass that will drive you wild. This girl is great coming and going, and I am sure she’s great cumming too! Her body is like a 50s pinup model, all curves and boobs and ass and totally off the hook, you don’t know where to look next! Carlotta Champagne is super sexy and not at all shy to get it all off!

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Carlotta Champagne Sexy Mermaid

carlotta champagne mermaid

Here’s a fisherman’s tale that is no fish story! Check out sexy Carlotta Champagne as she dons her tail and turns into a mermaid! Totally sexy to see her like this, you have to admit that all of those mermaid movies and stuff would be a whole lot better with this sexy girl as the star. Talk about a hot body, the fish tail makes her legs look even longer, and those big firm breasts are just awesome. You have to love a girl who loves to dress up and play, and you have to love a girl who is all wet and ready for some more fun!

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Sexy Carlotta Champagne Gets Oiled Up

carlotta champagne oil

Sexy and busty Carlotta Champagne is back with more hot stuff on her hot sexy site, and this time it’s a baby oil show that will leave you drooling. This girl is already amazingly hot and sexy, and add in baby oil and lots of smooth, sexy, slippery skin and you have all the makings of a great afternoon of fun. it’s amazing to see her rubbing the oil all over her body and deep into her pussy and ass, this girl really gets off on all this sexy, slippery play and I suspect you will too!

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An Afternoon Soak With Carlotta Champagne

carlotta champagne

It’s time for an afternoon soak in the tub with Carlotta Champagne, and you are invited to join her! Oh yeah! I love this girl, her natural good looks, her super curvy body and her overall hot look rank her high on my list. I love her natural bigger boobs and equally impressive ass, she’s hot no matter which way you look at her, and playful too! She really gives us a sexy show here, from lingerie to fully nude and then some more after that too, she turns bath time into play and tease time and drives us all wild!

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Carlotta Champagne Sock Seduction

carlotta champagne sock seduction

Apparently, sexy Carlotta Champagne has a thing for socks. In this case, it’s those wonderful knee high sports socks, white with stripes on the top, sort of almost like you would wear to play soccer (football for the rest of us). She certainly has the sexy legs for them, and they are almost distracting enough to keep you from looking at her boobs. Who am I kidding? Carlotta Champagne’s tits are too nice to ignore, so as she pulls open her shirt to reveal her succulent natural breasts, those socks are almost forgotten in the rush to nipple heaven! But as always, she pulls back out attention and gets us looking around and soon her whole sexy body (and the socks) are on full display. A sexy girl who loves to play, even on webcam!

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Carlotta Champagne Classic South Beach Babe

south beach babe

Here’s a new set from sexy Carlotta Champagne, that once again shows off her incredibly looks, hot body, and her ability to appear more as a 50s pinup girl than anyone else around. This set is called South Beach Babe, and you can see why. It’s classic mid century stuff, naughty and sexy at the same time. Carlotta Champagne has an incredibly hot body, and these pictures really show her off well, especially her big breasts. She has that perfect hour glass figure, big tits, super small waist, and nicely curvy ass and hips that make her look for all the world like the classic pinup girl. She does the old Betty Grable thing perfect! This is one heck of a sexy girl, that is for sure!

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Carlotta Champagne as Sexy Princess Leia

princess leia

Here’s a hot new set from sexy Carlotta Champagne, and I think she is proving that she has spent a little too much time watching Star Wars movies. Here she is dressed up like Princess Leia in the scene where she is held by Jabba the Hutt, in a really sexy outfit, with chains on. I am sure that more than a few of us groaned with a little jealousy as he had that sexy princess all tied up. Well, Carlotta Champagne is hotter than Leia, that is for sure, with a very sexy body, some nice full big boobs, and she isn’t shy to let us see them! I wouldn’t mind pulling her chain, if you know what I mean!

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Carlotta Champagne Sexy Iphone Pics

Here’s some sexy new shots from Carlotta Champagne, some stuff that she shot goofing around at home. I don’t think they were suppose to be put online, but she looks so hot, it’s hard to resist. This sexy girl has got an amazing hour glass figure, some tasty tits, and a great attitude. I would love to wake up in the morning to her, that is for sure! She’s not shy either, and she loves to party naked!

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Carlotta Champagne Sexy Bubble Wrap Bikini

I have to say that I have never in my life seen a bikini like this before, and what better girl to show it off that Carlotta Champagne. This sexy girl has got an amazing curvy body, that is for sure, and I love checking her out nude or dressed. In this case, she is a bit of both. The bikini is made of bubble wrap panels, which means you can pretty much see through them, but there is a little distortion. Don’t worry, she’s going to take it all off so there is nothing impeding you view, but it’s sexy as hell to imagine her walking on the beach with this on!

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Carlotta Champagne Bent Over In Tiny G-String

Now this is the way to start your day! Sexy Carlotta Champagne is back with some new stuff for her personal site, and she seems to be getting hotter all the time. She’s at school, climbing the ropes like you use to have to do in gym class, but she’s doing it in a wife beater and a tiny pair of g-string panties. Talk about an ass show, this girl has got an amazing ass, and with that little g-string almost disappearing into the crack of her ass, this angle is just hot! Oh yeah, she’s just as hot when the g-string comes off too!

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