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Violet Vega Sexy Legs Lots Of Ink Too

violet vega

Always happy to add new girls on here, and this time out we get to check out Violet Vega. This girl has got a nice natural body, a great smile, and she’s horny as they come. She’s got great legs and a whole lot of tattoos as well, and she isn’t shy to show it all off and then some. This set has her in a white body suit, at least for a while, before she ends up totally nude. Violet Vega loves her sex toys too, and soon she has a nice big one out and she’s ready to play – want to play with her?

Update: Shortly after I added this post, Violet sort of surprised everyone by suddenly deciding to get married, have a family, and drop the nude site entirely.

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Ivy Snow Hotty With Plenty Of Ink

ivy snow tattoos

Ivy Snow is one of those girls that lets me see past the ink and see just how sexy her body really is. I am not a huge fan of girls with many tattoos, but I have to say that Ivy Snow wears them well and they don’t obscure the natural sexiness of her hot body. Nice bit natural tits (yes, they hang, they are real tits guys!) and a cute ass that just looks ready for a good spanking. She loves to show off and play, she does live webcam shows from time to time, and she updates her site with fresh sexy material for us to enjoy. She’s a poker player, and I love to see her pair and I love it even more when her ace is high!

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Sexy Newbie Totally Rachael

Here we go with another newbie, a fresh face from the UK, which seems to be the source for so many interesting new girls these days. Totally Rachael is this girl’s name, and she is a wild child. If you like girls with a little ink, well, you will love her because she has some serious tattoos. You know this girl has had some wild times in her life already. Nice body, sexy smaller tits, a great ass, and she isn’t shy to take it all off and have a good time. Her site is new but she already has a fairly good collection of hot videos and pics, and she is adding all the time. Certainly a hot sexy girl worth checking out!

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Tattooed Hotty Jeska Nice Cleavage Shot

I was a little surprised when I discovered that I had never posted anything about Jeska from Jeska’s Hot Box. She is certainly a sexy girl, and her site has been around for a while. She spent a long time as a blond, but I think she is so much more sexy like this with darker hair. Nice natural tits on this girl too, she loves to let you see, she goes fully nude and loves to masturbate and get off too! She has plenty of tattoos, and if you are into that sort of thing her art is really hot to check out. Overall, a truly sexy girl that wants to show you more!

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Ivy Snow Tits Out Sweep Up

Ivy Snow is back with a fresh hot set from her website, and she is proving that she not only causes men to get hard, but she is also a hard worker. She’s at a warehouse or something, sweeping up and being naughty, doing the job topless and showing of her big natural boobs. Damn, this girl has got boobs! She’s got tattoos like crazy too, so if you are into that sort of girl, she will meet up to all your sexy expectations. She finally gives up the work and gets to play, and pulls out a nice vibrator, proving that she can work hard and play even harder!

Tasty Tattooed Newcomer Emma Ink

Emma Ink is a newcomer that just opened her personal site a short time ago. She really does have a cute face and I think she has really nice boobs and a nice generally curvy body. She is a sexy one, that is for sure. You will only love this girl if you love tattoos though, because she has some of the most aggressive, most in your face ink you will likely ever see. This girl has an upper chest tattoo that goes from shoulder to shoulder, in full color, and it is big, dominant, and unavoidable. If you are into this sort of thing, this girl will ring your bell big time. Emma Ink looks sexy as hell in a bubble bath in this set, a very interesting contradiction of sorts to her looks. Naughty and hot, not a bad combination at all.

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Ivy Snow Sexy Tattooed Poker Girl

Ivy Snow is one of those girls that either you find her incredibly sexy, or you are trying to figure out what people see. Many people get struct more by her tattoos (she has a bunch) than her very nice natural sexy body, and they miss out so much. This girl is a semi-pro poker player, a Texas teen with a pretty darn nice curvy body, natural boobs, and a great butt. She loves to play and show off, and according to her site, she loves to masturbate for the cameras. Gotta love a girl like that!

Miss Korina Bliss Waiting On The Bed

I don’t know about you, but I think if sexy Miss Korina Bliss is on my bed waiting for me, I have long since put down the mouse and run from the desk to the bed without stopping. Talk about a hotty, Korina is so sexy, so, hot, and yet so cool at the same time, she is just amazing. She is perhaps the one girl I have blogged about that actually intimidates me with her overwhelming looks and sexy personality. She is a DJ, a model, and the start of one incredible wet dream!

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Misty Gates Sexy Little Bikini

While the title of this post would suggest that this set is about Misty Gates in a sexy little bikini, I have to admit that she is pretty good at getting rid of her clothes! Misty Gates loves to get naked, it seems, and she isn’t shy to show off her very sexy body. I love this shot in the bikini, her sexy body almost exposed, her hard nipples popping out hard and ready for a little suction. Can you imagine finding her changing in your bathroom? Wow! Now that would be a Christmas present to remember!

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Misty Gates in the Girls Locker Room

Misty Gates is getting into trouble again! This time she is in the girls locker room changing out of her schoolgirl uniform, and getting into, well, nothing. That’s right, she ends up totally naked and looking sexy. Misty Gates look sexy dressed as a schoolgirl, that is for sure, and she looks even hotter with her firm tits poking out and that cute smile. She looks almost innocent! Well, not too innocent I guess. Her body is truly the work of the devil, so sexy and curvy, and nicely shaved too. When she pulls up the back of the uniform to show off her sexy ass cheeks, well… help me!

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