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I Heart Maddens Titties

i heart maddens titties

It’s not the first time that Madden from Meet Madden has uses heart shaped nipple pasties, sort of a cool way to be non-nude while giving us the whole f’n show, if you know what I mean. This set is shot on a plexiglass light table thing, so the angles and lights and everything are interesting and the look phenominal. Madden has an incredibly sexy body, smooth and sexy, not super lean and bony but petite and soft and smooth in all the good places. This is a girl you want to lick all over for hours, she’s that nice! Totally sexy, she just about gets it all off and well, I can’t wait until the day that happens!

Check out more on Madden’s hot personal site called Meet Madden – hotness!

Sexy Sidney @ Party All Star

Party All Star has been a pretty reliable source for hot new teasers, with some of the girls going on to have their own sites because they are too hot and too popular. The latest girl to join the fray is sexy Sidney. I don’t know a whole lot about her, except she is hot, hot, hot, with killer abs, nice tits, and an ass that can stop most guys in their tracks. This girl is a pure teaser from what I can tell, but what a tease. This girl will drive you wild with her sexy body and near nudity!

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Sexy Sweet Krissy Barely Covered

Sweet Krissy is a sexy Canadian girl from BC who loves to tease and play. I just saw her latest set, which is very teasing indeed. In fact, in her own words, she loves to tease guys with her big natural breasts. Fine by me, because I am a fan of good quality teasing, and Sweet Krissy could tease the dead into having a boner. This girl has a really hot body, her ass is an excellent sculpture, a work of art that deserves attention. She does some amazing hot live cam shows too, don’t miss out!

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