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Cierra Spice is Sexy from Behind

Sexy Cierra Spice is one of the rare girls I think who is almost as hot dressed as she is naked, not that she is bad naked, but that her natural good looks come through even when she is covered up. I saw this picture of her laying face down on a sofa with just panties a top on, and all I could think of was how I would love to climb on top of her and make passionate love to her right here, right in that position. I wouldn’t even take her clothes off, I would just slide those cotton panties to the side and have a good time. Damn, this girl is hot!

Sexy Cierra Spice is Busting Out

Sexy Cierra Spice is at it again, this time driving us totally wild wearing only this dark one piece mini dress. Oh yeah, she is wearing some nice high heels too, otherwise, it’s all to nature. Damn, this girl knows how to drive us wild! I love her perky smaller tits and cute smile, and I have to say that she is so sexy when she casually sits down and proves that she isn’t wearing any panties either. I dare you not to look! It’s impossible!

Cierra Spice Sexy Upskirt with No Panties

I am a huge fan of upskirt shots, I think they are one of the most sexy things that a girl can do next to getting naked and jumping on me, and Cierra Spice certainly pulls of a classic upskirt shot here. She is dressed up in a sexy schoolgirl uniform, with her hot latina ass out there for all to see because the skirt is pretty damn shot. Then she sort of bends over a bit and turns towards us, and you realize that this naughty chica has lost her panties too! Can you imagine her doing this to you at the shopping mall or something? You would have a hard-on that would probably damage your pants. She certainly knows how to drive us crazy, that is for sure!