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xoGisele Super Sexy Fishnet Stockings

fishnet stockings

If you were trying to write a manual on how to be sexy, there would be a whole chapter to cover fishnet stockings, and about 4 or 5 more to cover high heels. There would certainly be a big section on black leather and vinyl garments too, so it’s not hard to see how this hot set from xoGisele can ring a few bells. This stunning hot blond looks absolutely amazing in fishnet stockings, her sexy long legs stretch forever in that long space between her sexy high heels and her insanely tasty ass. This girl is all that and a whole lot more – and not too shy about it either!

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xoGisele Has Long Sexy Legs

xogisele sexy legs

Damn, this girl is so fine! Sexy xoGisele is back with more hot new sets for her personal site, and she is looking just amazing in this see thru blue lingerie set. Talk about tasty, this girl is amazing in all directions. I particularly like how these shots show off her sexy long legs, xoGisele has great legs and they come together to make a really great ass too, and she does turn around and bends over to make sure we can check it all out. This girl ain’t shy, that is for sure, and her hot body is enough to make any guy stop and stare!

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xoGisele Rocks a Striped Bikini

sexy bikini

Some girls need a tiny bikini to show themselves off as sexy, but hotty xoGisele can get away with one with a bit more coverage and still looks amazing. She’s got the sort of curvy hot body that can make anything work, it seems. This set by the pool has her in sort of a sailor bikini, blow and white stripes and wow, she looks amazing. Oh yeah, don’t worry guys, that entire bikini disappears as Gisele shows off her amazing body under the sun, a hot and sexy thing for sure. Don’t forget to check out her personal site and don’t miss her hot adult cams live shows, she’s a hotty for sure and she will make you very happy!

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xoGisele All Hot and Glam For Holly Randall

xogisele glam

Recently xoGisele did a shoot with the world famous Holly Randall, who produces some of the most amazing and sexy glamour stuff around. It’s an impressive shoot that show that Gisele is right up there on the level with the top glamour models, she’s got the look, she got the curves, and she isn’t shy to get naked and really impress us with her hot body. This is one incredibly hot set, showing of xoGisele at her very best indeed!

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xoGisele Sexy Ass Babe

xogisele ass

How about a little ass to cheer up your day? I set up this gallery with sexy xoGisele showing off her incredibly sexy ass and long legs in a tight pair of pink panties just to make the day better, and I think it works out pretty good. Gisele is working on a strawberry pie, it looks almost as tasty as her sweet ass cheeks. Damn, this girl is fine! She loves to show off her big boobs and her sexy ass, and I have to say the shots of her in these pink panties is totally distracting, the material just clings to her curves and pretty much drives me crazy. This girl makes morning time so much better! Want some of her strawberry pie?

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xoGisele Hot Body Under the Sun

xogisele hot body

The title is All American Bombshell Reveals All! It’s the truth too, as super hot amateur babe xoGisele gives us a sweet sunny summer set, going from a sexy white t-shirt and micromini jean skirt to absolutely nothing naked and wildly sexy. This girl has an amazing body, and xoGisele isn’t shy to show it all off to drive you wild. She’s model hot and party girl horny, a great combination, and when you add in a smoking body that just never quits, and you have perhaps you perfect dream girl. She certainly tries hard, that is for sure!

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xoGisele Sexy Cleavage Outdoors

xogisele cleavage

xoGisele continues to turn up the heat with the latest installments from her hot full nude personal site. This blond is stunningly hot, her sun dress is sexy and her big boobies are pretty much overwhelming it. When she bends forward, we get one hell of a sexy cleavage shot that is enough to stop traffic! She keeps going and ends up totally naked outdoors, proving that her sexy body is so nice, there is no need to hide anything. I love girls getting naked outdoors, so this set really does it for me. What about you?

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xoGisele Wildly Sexy

xogisele sexy

xoGisele continues to turn out some extremely sexy sets for her new personal site, and this one in particular caught my eye because I love hot girls getting naked outdoors. Plus Gisele is looking so hot and playful in this set, she goes from skin tight jeans a tank top to absolutely nothing more than a smile, and all the while giving us some of the best angles in the world. This girl is hot in all directions, her ass is so sexy, her big boobs so nice, and her smile just warm and sexy. This side on shot shows her so well, hot, tight, sexy, and curvy!

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xoGisele Smoking Hot Black Body Suit


Another day, another mind blowing hotty in a body suit sort of deal. xo Gisele (aka Love Gisele, aka holy fuck is she hot) brings the heat this time out with her black one piece black thing that I am not really sure is lingerie, a body suit, or a bathing suit that has had a tough time containing her huge boobs. No matter what, Gisele certainly is at her usual mind blowing level of hotness, steamy even, teasing us with her massive cleavage and rather sexy ass, and then letting those wonderful sweater puppies loose for us to enjoy. This is one girl who isn’t shy to admit she bought the boobs, but she shopped at the right place because her big tits are awesome and match her hotness perfectly!

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xoGisele Sexy Outdoor nudes

xogisele nude

There seems to be a real trend recently for solo girls to leave one site and start a new one, which can be a little annoying to follow. But the good part of this trend is that the girls seem to come back more willing to get naked and really show it all off. xoGisele (aka Love Gisele) is a hot American blond with a stunning look, nice big (man made) boobs, and a hot ass that is hard not to want to stare at. This girl sort of crosses that magic line between amateur and model, all while keeping a girl next door attitude. This set has her stripping down in the great outdoors, and I have to admit that she looks stunning. While she does the full monty and gets totally naked, I sort of prefer this teasing shot with her big breasts just barely covered and the panties heading towards the floor, it’s naughty and sexy and shows this girl off just right. Oh yeah, her new site has some nice live webcam shows too, she loves to chat and have fun and you never know what might happen, right?

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