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Priscilla Sexy In Her Tiny Little Bikini

I don’t think bikinis get much more skimpy that this one. Sexy Priscilla from Sweet Natural Girl loves to tease us with her soft and sexy natural body, and she seeks out the most revealing or most sexy stuff to do it in. This tiny brown bikini barely has enough material to cover a baseball, but somehow it manages to just barely keep her good inside. This girl has plenty of sexy angles, and plenty of hot side boob here too (Peter Griffin from Family Guy would love it!). This girl is just an amazingly hot teaser that is very hard to resist!

See Thru Bra for Sexy Priscilla

I am always amazed by the extremes that non-nude models will go to in order to both completely show off their sexy bodies and at the same time to retain the non-nude title. Sexy Priscilla from Sweet Natural Girl is exactly that sort of a girl, she never gets entirely nude, but she gets so close, it’s hard to see the difference. This sexy set is a great example, her bra and panties are pretty much sheer see thru, and wow, talk about amazing sexy nipples. I think she has puffy nipples, I would love to see them out completely. She is such a hot teaser, and she knows it!

Priscilla In a Sexy See Thru Top

I hadn’t seen much new over at Sweet Natural Girl for a while, but then they released this new set of sexy Dutch cutie Priscilla, and I have to say I am in love all over again. She has a really hot look, she looks so sexy, and while she is a teaser, she isn’t to shy about it. The result is that she is posing in a very hot looking see thru top, and we can clearly see her rather large nipples. Pretty damn hot if you ask me! I love the natural sexy setting and the naturally sexy girl, a great combination!

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