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Ivy Snow Sexy and Nerdy

ivy snow sexy

Ivy Snow is back with more hot stuff on her official personal site, and I have to say I love this look. Sexy Ivy Snow sort of confuses us a bit here with a skirt that says raving sexy hotty and those geek sort of glasses that just scream nerd. Absolutely nice! This girl is rocking hot, and she combines all of those interesting looks with some incredible tattoos, a hot body, and just an overall combination of sexy and nerdy that is hot as it comes!

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Autumn Riley Is The Nerdy Cowgirl

autumn riley nerdy cowgirl

Autumn Riley is one of those girls that can pull of almost any look, her sexy big eyes and dark hair give her a really hot look no matter what. This set sort of proves it, as she pushes a bit with glasses and a cowboy hat, giving her an odd sort of nerdy cowgirl look. The good news is that she is so hot, that she could make a garbage bag look good, and yup, she looks sexy and hot this time out too! I kind of like the glasses too, she looks sexy nerdy and hot, sort of like a girl you can have a smart discussion with, and then she sucks you cock for an hour. Not that she does that to my cock, but damn, I can wish, right?

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