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Sexy Madeline Forgot Her Panties

Sometimes sexy happens for all sorts of different reasons. Just looking at 21 year old Madeline, you know this girl is a sexy one. A cutie from Tennessee, she traveled west to make her first ever nude shoot with FTV Girls, so you know this is going to be fun. I mean, wow, she is natural and sexy, a cute smile and all. But what caught my eye on this picture is that she isn’t wearing any panties! Now how sexy is that? She’s outdoors, flashing her bra, and you realize that, holy crap, the girl has been walking around without any panties in an insanely short one piece dress. Now that’s sexy! She ends up proviing conclusively that she isn’t wearing panties, doing some really good public flashing and upskirt shots. This girl is damn hot, and she really seems to be enjoying getting a little fresh air onto her coed pussy!

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