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Lexi Kartel Sexy Newbie Porn Girl

I don’t usually fall for hardcore porn girls, many of them aren’t nearly as sexy as they wish they were. But every so often my opinion is changed, and the one doing the changing this time out is sexy porn newbie Lexi Kartel. This girl has gone from total unknown to all over the fucking place in about 10 minutes, and I think it’s mostly because she is one incredibly sexy babe. Forget her skills in bed (and she has many), just check her out. Damn nice body, sexy face, great smile, a hot attitude, and yes… she fucks like a beast (80 hair metal reference, look it up!). She’s got the whole package, and is one of those rare porn girls who would actually stand out as a model, swimsuit spokesmodel, or even as a car show model. She’s a hot babe with a sexy body, that is for sure. Oh yeah, she’s good at sucking cock too, which is what this set is about!

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