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FTV Girls Nicole Outdoor Naked Hula Hoop

naked hula hoop

While I not entirely sure if this qualifies as purely sexy, I do know it’s a lot of fun so why the fuck not, right? I found cutie Nicole over at FTV Girls, playing around and being goofy. She’s wearing a sexy blue bikini and showing off her hula hoops skills. Well, the guys dare her to try it topless and then finally naked, so she’s standing in the middle of a public park, stark naked doing the hula hoop. Fucking awesome! this girl has a nice body, firm breasts and a sweet shaved kitty, and while she is a bit shy to start, in the end she’s all about having a good time and showing it all off!

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Sexy Stacey Does Hot Public Nudity

stacey public nudity

You have to love a girl who is willing to get naked in public, especially where it’s pretty clear someone is going to see her getting naked. 18 year old Stacey is the latest girl to make her decut with FTV Girls, it’s her first ever nude photos and video, and she is going all out with a shy but willing attitude that is so fun. She’s a super petite girl at only 4 foot 10, but she’s got curves and looks really like a whole lot of fun. She’s also a gymnast and she is very flexible, the totally nude back flips and stuff are really hot. This girl could be a whole lot of fun in bed! She’s enjoying getting naked in public so much that by the time they get back in doors, she is more than willing to take on their collection of sex toys! More fun!

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