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Sexy Redhead Faye Reagan

Tasty. That is the world that comes to mind for me any time I see sexy Faye Reagan. This stunning real natural red head has got an amazing body, a sexy look, and some of the sweetest suger nipples you will ever see. She is an amazing combination of stunning pornstar hotty and girl next door looks, plus she has a wide sexual appetite that is amazing (guys, girls, guys and girls… she loves it all). She is incredibly sexy just by herself too, and this set from Teenmodels shows her off so well. She is a sexy, sexy babe!

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Faye Reagan Stunning Redhead Pornstar

Look at that, two redheads in a row. After featuring sexy Justine Joli Swan, I am back right away with another stunning redhead, one of my faves: Faye Reagan (Valentine). First of all, let me say that while I found this set at Pure18, I know she isn’t really 18. But what she is more than anything is sexy and curvy as hell! This set has her dressed up all preppy and cute, with the big geeky glasses, and even then, she is stunning. She has actually put a few pounds on I think, but all good because they have gone in interesting places, giving her even more sexy boobs (capped with puffy light pink nipples) and a nicely rounded ass. She is hot from all directions, sexy as hell, and best off, she loves to fuck. Now that is girl after my heart!

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