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Sexy Andi Naughty in Red

Andi from Andiland is back with more stuff from her new personal site, and this time out it’s all about the skulls. That’s right, if you check out those panties, they are red hot and covered in little black skulls. Not sure why it’s sexy, maybe it’s just because those panties are on a truly sexy, natural girl. Andi loves to show off, and you can tell from her smile and her attitude that this is a girl who really enjoys being the center of your attention, especially if you happen to pop a boner as a result. Andi has such expressive eyes, so nice! Sexy body too, natural and not super petite, but nice, natural, and sexy, with really nice boobs and yes, she will show you that she is all shaved! Nice!

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Andi @ Andiland

One of the most popular amateur girls a couple of years back was a sexy little thing called Andipink. She was barely 18, with a cute smile and a cute little look. Well, Andi has grown up a bit, and now she has her own big site called Andiland. She has lost the “Pink” part of her name, although it looks like she has no problem showing us the pink now. A good trade, I think. Anyway, Andi has her own site, and I have to say she is looking sexy and hot, coed style now. She is now a 24 year old hotty, all of 102 pounds, and a nice natural sort of sexy. She’s Canadian too, so you know she is warm and friendly, even in the cold nights of winter. She could warm my bed no problem! Oh yeah, she likes girls and guys, so you never know what she might get up to!

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