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Meet Madden Naughty Schoolgirl Stripper

Schoolgirl Uniforms are pretty darn sexy in general, and they come in many varieties. You get the traditional long white socks, white shirt and plaid skirt, or the Japanese Sailor Suit (hello Sailor Moon!) type deal. But there is a third, much more sexy category of schoolgirl garb, and that is the slutty stripper schoolgirl outfit. Well, Madden from Meet Madden is here with a fresh new set from her personal site, and yes, it’s slutty stripper schoolgirl fantasy time. I don’t think somehow that a red bra and a black mesh top would pass any school inspections, but it certainly passes my “causes a boner” test. Nice stuff! Madden is certainly a sexy girl who knows a thing or two about teasing us and driving us wild, and this sexy outfit does it for me!

Want to see more? Check out Madden at Meet Madden here!

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